turtle nest

turtle nest in climate 

Unnormal for season, we got a rescue call in early of the year, to save a turtle nest. At local beach of

Klungkung, Bali, by Mr Sarwa, in forward looking we just think about the climate change all reason cause the turtle, sea water with high temperature, so that the sea turtles mating in early time. On the other side we are proud of local people to call us for every single turtle nest, that more attention for educating them about nature by local way, great time that they know about our existence to help sea turtles and recovery from busy area to our place. That means, we have change to close them. In future attention we hope that being to local people inhabit to support nature live, and save them by the friendly activity.

local man from klunglung ( Bali ) supporting to rescue turtle nest
mr Sarwa

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