green sea turtle hachling

green sea turtle in Serangan Beach

late post from us that we have turtle nest from January 01. 2016. we wrote on last article. 45 days in Sammy   hatchery incubator green sea turtle baby hatching, with healthy condition from 84 eggs 70% successfully, on 28 February 2016   hatching. totally 47 babies

 those were new hope in Serangan island as nesting area of green sea turtle, long decade in 16 years ago, that  in last green sea turtle show in beach, all reason cause exploitation beach area by human being, beside nature predator standing on it such as monitor lizard wild dog etc. Turtle Conservation Education Center in beginning  2006 were  educating local people, sending awareness, with  release green baby sea turtle, beside the beach as three species nesting , green sea turtle, olive ridley, hawk bill.

in new hope, sending awareness in important to keep all good work for saving nature live of exploitation.       

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