About Us

Turtle Conservation And Education Center( TCEC) opened by the governors of Bali, Mr Dewa Beratha (20 January 2006) On Serangan island of Bali .TCEC is developed as part of the Comprehensive strategy to eradicate illegal turtle trading on the island .Established on a land of 2.4 ha, the TCEC is trying to support the community of Serangan to  find the alternative beside illegal turtle business. The center harness the potential education, tourism, conservation and research with a liberal sprinkling of business to give endangered turtles one more chance on Serangan. TCEC is supported by WWF, Governor Bali, the major of Denpasar, municipality authorities, the Provincial Nature Resource Conservation Agency and the local community.

The four fundamental aspects to the center including putting a definitive end to turtle trade, by encouraging the public not to consume the turtle products (religious use or otherwise) and to support turtle Conservation in general; providing turtles for rituals without their killing and monitoring turtle size and number, so that their use can be strictly controlled and regulated; offering employment opportunities for locasl from Serangan; and finally acting as watchdog for turtle trade - in Serangan in particular and Bali in general.

The center also directly helps to protect turtles; e.g., by hosting injured animals, collecting nests from tourist beaches and buying eggs from locals ( prevent them from being consumed). The eggs are bred at the center  and the hatchlings are raised for about one month and then released into freedom. Out of the seven sea turtle species, three are kept and raise at the center.  


The TCEC helps to preserve these

wonderful creatures going extinct. However, as all charitable organizations, we strongly depend on donations. Every amount, even a small one, will help us.

Adopt a baby turtle

At our center it is possible to get personally involved. For a small donation you can adopt your own baby turtle and give it back to nature with your own hands.

Become a volunteer

Volunteering with sea turtles is a once in a lifetime experience. If you are looking to spend some time as a volunteer, please contact us or visit our website.


eco tourism

set a far from the  Denpasar  city, Bali , it could be driving , more than 30 minutes from the city center , Serangan island under territorial city Denpasar , located in coastal east of the capital city Bali.in flashback view years ago most of villager on profession as fisherman ,  any reason cause reclamation island there have been some changes profession the community , almost 50 percent work in tourism sector and other sectors , event it, do not change identity  local village as fishing village and island turtles , who is now stand one of the places  for rare turtles in call turtle conservation and education center ( tcec ) , located on the island of attack , TCEC opened 2006 by Governor   Bali supported by such government  of Bali,TCEC as alternative tourism to visit with more friendly with nature ang close with exitotis animal.

as caritativ organization every single donation it help to support our activity, or could supporting adoppying baby turtle to release


let's know the nature

Hi guys, every one knows about evolution, but we would like to share an experience in nature museum in Berlin, a lot of things I saw there took my interesting to see once upon life of the world including all evolution had event on our earth, we took education how the world works to made evolution from long time ago, made big change for our future, otherwise evolution leaves a mystery whose human learned by generation to generation, until the modern generation, the nature still keeps a mystery, a lot of questions on the minds of human.

All think nature did for balancing and selection.


On our trip to the museum there are collections from ancient time from what our generation can learn, all about evolution and nature life, we could got information every single box close by collection, or we could get from electronic guide information. All explanation open new views of our nature mystery.